EU citizens and green card tv 004

by Patricia Dee

EU citizens and green card tv 004

Some EU citizens living in the UK are living here on a green card. These holders of a green card are able to do all the things that people in the UK do, including having their own place of work, a driving licence and being free to move and live wherever they like.

The UK has a much larger population than Estonia, so we expect a lot of EU immigrants (of whatever nationality) to come here and settle here, with a lot of them having already bought in from other EU countries.

But, we cannot allow EU citizens who are here on a green card to come to the UK. If they come, they will be breaking the law. We will therefore ask them to leave the UK.

"The Government says there will be no benefit from EU citizens coming back to this country and I believe the opposite is the case, not only for me, but for many other people."

Her decision to back Brexit comes as she faces criticism from Conservatives ahead of a key debate in the House of Lords on Thursday when the issue will be on the agenda for debate.