She was born in 1984, in a litter of 8 near a fruit stand off Cherry Hill Rd. A friend of Patricia's brought the pup for approval, and Shine was immediately adopted and named for her black spots over her eyes. She loved children and other dogs and cats. She was loyal, friendly, loving and loads of fun inside and outside where she chased many thrown toys, balls, sticks and rings. She lived for 16.5 years

My Shine

 Song by T. Edwin Doss | | Copyright 2002

She was found in a fruit stand in ‘eighty-four.

A friend brought her to me, set her on the floor,

Those black spots over each eye just melted my heart.

She was humble and kind, never hurt anything,

We became friends that particular spring,

I always knew it would last forever, right from the start

As time went by she learned little games…

All of her toys had their own names,

Not to mention, playing with my pillow upon my bed.

She lived, she loved, and she grew older with me,

She taught me so many ways to see that a dog

Gives so much more, for one pat on its head.

Ooooh you Shiner dog.. go chase a squirrel and play with a frog….

Make me laugh once more as you greet me at the door….

Ooooh you happy girl…go fetch a stick, jump and twirl

I’ll always see you in my dream… you and I we were a team..

Never be another dog like mine..never be

Another dog like My Shine.

She gave me something that money couldn’t buy..

A loyal friendship that could never die,

But there finally came a time when I had to let go of my friend.

I lay her by the fireplace, warm, and in her bed,

  I held her so closely and kissed her little head,

I whispered, “I love you”, in her ear ‘til the very end.

Sometimes the wind will play make-believe.

I can often hear her running through the autumn leaves

Squeaking that squeaky-toy with every stride.

Even though she is gone, her heart is here..

Beating with mine, she seems so very near..

And when I close my eyes, I know she’s  by my side


Charlie was a sweet, friendly Shih Tzu owned by Susan Dwyer. He lived a long, happy life and was well cared for, visiting the grooming shop every six weeks for many years. where we developed a close relationship with him and Susan. Rest in peace, Charlie boy. We will miss you.


"Bear" was a wonderfully, friendly mixed Chow. She passed away in February of 2015.

Jeff and Barbara Grunewald brought her for grooming once a month for many years, and we will miss having Bear in the shop. Tom affectionately called her, "Rare-Bear".



Zoe was owned by Ceil Goldberg, and was brought very regularly for grooming. We will miss Zoe greatly, passing on May 28th, 2015, however, Ceil is currently looking for another pet companion, and we will see her again soon.


Oliver, or Ollie the Collie as he was known to his fans, was rescued from a P.G. County Animal Shelter eight years ago at the age of six.  He'd  been neglected and was under weight with a bad case of heart worm and hardly any coat to speak of.  He had no training and wasn't house broken, but with lots of love, and patience and grooming by Patricia Dee, he grew into a beautiful, healthy dog with a heart of gold and a coat to envy.   Oliver crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 19, 2015.  He was in my arms with friends gathered 'round and slipped away peacefully.  He will remain forever in our hearts




Brew Bear

Brew was 17, he was very loved by his family and many friends. He loved belly rubs, licking plates, and being outside. He was a good boy :-)










Babaloo (Bobbi)

Babaloo crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Saturday night, November 14, 2015.  He had suffered a possible stroke, or brain tumor, and was found in my Dad's backyard after being perfectly fine that morning.  His heart was also showing signs of an electrical malfunction.  I flew home from Cleveland and was able to be with him at the Emergency clinic.  He was "out of it" but at one point when I was talking to him I think he "woke up" and realized I was there because he started breathing rapidly.  We told him how much we and everyone loved him and I kissed and petted and held him until he was asleep.  He was such a special, funny, quirky little guy.  My house has lost the feeling of joy that occupied it for 13 years and 7 months.  I keep looking for him everywhere. 



I adopted Watson from the Washington Animal Rescue League when he was 8 years old. He had a rare birth defect called short spine syndrome but that did not stop Watson from being a treasure with a big personality. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. He would give great big hugs by wrapping his front paws around your legs. Watson passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on December 11, 2015, just 9 days before his 14th birthday. He was my constant companion and I miss seeing his ears in the window, waiting for me when I come home. I love you my dear sweet Watson with all my heart.

Mary Beth